Miracle Flights for Kids exists for one primary purpose. They want to do everything they can to make sure children who are in need of specialized medical care and other life-supporting options are not blocked from getting the help they need because their family can’t afford the cost of airfare to get them where they need to go. Sometimes, medical help isn’t local; in some cases, it may only be available 300 miles away, or 3,000 miles away and some families may be too financially strapped to pay for the airfare to get there. That’s where the Miracle Makers at Miracle Fights for Kids come in. They are called that by the recipients of help because that’s how they feel about the volunteers who work there.

The folks at Miracle Flights for Kids work with the families who apply for grants in a compassionate way. That is because they know that the only way they can continue to operate is by engendering trust in everyone concerned, including patients and their families, but also the communities they serve and the people who donate to make these flights possible. The way it works is this: Miracle Flights for Kids will fly any patient who qualifies and two parents or guardians to wherever they need to receive treatment, follow-up care or to get a second opinion. To be eligible for the program only requires a local doctor’s referral, a confirmation of the appointment and income verification.

The ultimate goal of Miracle Flights for Kids is to ensure all flight requests are fulfilled for any and all underserved families who needs the help. It seems to work, since they have provided more than 100,000 flights to sick children and their families so far and the flights have covered more than 55 million miles. A great many families have received the treatment they needed for their children, thanks to the Miracle Makers.